Episode 35 – Prawn With The Wind

Well G’day fair listener! It’s a wonderfully crackin’ day for a walkabout in the bush! True blue! Okay I’m done and I’m sorry. We’re just so damn excited to be back talking shit about board games with ya mates! This episode we make up for our prolonged hiatus by giving you an extra large installment stuffed fuller than a vegemite sandy! We talk with the fantastic guys responsible for the even more fantastic Scoffton board game all the way from Australia. But do we give you that hot steaming goodness right away? No we make ya sweat by feeding you the hottest game reviews this side of the equator. We also talk about our experiences at both Moon City Con and Stonemaier Design Day! Plus we bring back the fan favorite @meepleofmadness Music Minute and IRL! It’s truly more episode than you can cram in your marsupial pouch. So sit back grab a luke warm Foster’s and tell your baby to quit catching snakes in the yard, so you can relax and enjoy this, the 35th episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!

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Episode 26 – You Sneezed On My Point Salad!

So the time comes again for another episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast but alas, it’s not there… you wait another few days… no dice. Well the lazy MF’rs here at NSFWP central have finally gotten into gear and produced another dazzlingly informative and entertaining episode for you. Even more chalked full of vitamins and minerals than usual to make up for the delay! We talk $#!+ about such fabulous games as: Scarabya, My Little Scythe, Tesla Vs Edison Duel, Petrichor and many more! We even bring you a Kickstarter preview of a fantastic new worker placement game, Scoffton as well as our long awaited Western Legends review! So tune in, turn on and drop trow because we got a load of board game goodness coming your way, weather you like it or not!



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