In this episode we say a lot of words, most of them dumb and basically meaningless but three of them are very important. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We hope you listen and enjoy. Much love and be safe.

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Episode 37- Blorange Is The New Black

Oh you… don’t give me that look. I know that look, you’re wondering where we’ve been but you’re not going to ask. Power move. Respect. But… We can’t go out like suckers so we’re not about to spill those beans. We could be here awhile. Okay, well played, we’ll tell you what we’ve been up to BUT only in the form of this 2+ hour podcast! Ha! Who has the upper hand now, huh? Alright I guess I’ll tell you a bit about what’s in the episode BUT ONLY a taste! We talk a ton of games including: Dark Domains, Everdell, Isle Of Skye, Smallworld and many more! Plus we talk about a handful more games from awesome publisher Blue Orange Games! On top of all that we’ve got some Meepleofmadness Music Minute selections AND a silly IRL segment! All that and one mega blooper that brought the episode to a screeching halt! So… what have you been up to?

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Episode 36 – Party Like It’s 2020: Full Sight

Ho, Ho, Holy crap! We’re back with a content packed Holiday episode for your bloated, family weary ears! It’s review after review broken only by some charming chime-in’s from some show favorites, Jamey Stegmaier, Jerry Hawthorne and even good ‘ol Stephen Spang! We learn that winning is everything for at least one of us and you’ll definitely want to stick around to the bitter end to see how we coin our motto for this illustrious new year, 2020: Full Sight! It might make slightly more sense afterwards… then again, it may not.

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Episode 35 – Prawn With The Wind

Well G’day fair listener! It’s a wonderfully crackin’ day for a walkabout in the bush! True blue! Okay I’m done and I’m sorry. We’re just so damn excited to be back talking shit about board games with ya mates! This episode we make up for our prolonged hiatus by giving you an extra large installment stuffed fuller than a vegemite sandy! We talk with the fantastic guys responsible for the even more fantastic Scoffton board game all the way from Australia. But do we give you that hot steaming goodness right away? No we make ya sweat by feeding you the hottest game reviews this side of the equator. We also talk about our experiences at both Moon City Con and Stonemaier Design Day! Plus we bring back the fan favorite @meepleofmadness Music Minute and IRL! It’s truly more episode than you can cram in your marsupial pouch. So sit back grab a luke warm Foster’s and tell your baby to quit catching snakes in the yard, so you can relax and enjoy this, the 35th episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!

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Episode 34 – Let’s Kick This Pig!

Change dear listener, it’s fundamental. The entirety of the universe tends inexorably towards a state that is changed from it’s previous 0ne. Entropy pulls at the very fabric of reality so it’s no surprise that we couldn’t resist it. Wow, deep, I know… (turns chair backward and sits astride it) Listen kids, your mother and I… …. …. Are changing the format of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast. Hold on now, we can still talk about board games, hell we’ll talk a lot about em. But we’re not gonna have as much time together as we used to. We’ll make the best of the time we do have though. We’ll talk about Dragonsgate Collage, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Orleans. Hell we’ll even talk about Tortuga 1667, then we’ll get ice cream. It’ll be cool. I’m cool right? Well anyway, remember what I always say, “Let’s kick this pig and knock it into overdrive!”

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Episode 33 – The Wrath Of Con

Dear listener, another con season is upon us and to prepare you for the turbulent waters of social interaction we bring you one nerds harrowing journey to the Mid-West’s Mecca of board gaming madness, Geekway To The West! In this episode our very own inept, uh excuse me, intrepid correspondent gives you the skinny on what makes a great convention like this possible. Getting the goods straight from the horse’s mouth and sharing his daily journal of gaming goodness with you. All that as well as a featured review of Stonemaier Games’ long awaited Euphoria expansion, Ignorance Is Bliss! But wait, there’s more! More what you ask? More music throughout to help you fill out that convention carpool playlist so you can stop driving your friends crazy with Burt Bacharach’s Greatest Hits! (*No Burt Bacharachs were harmed in the making of this episode*)

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Episode 32 – Lord Of The Rims

We’re back from a trip to The Outer Rim or what some call the cities of Chicago & Cocoa Beach. They were definitely hives of scum and villainy but some booty was collected! In this double sized episode you will hear all about our booty! Get your filthy mind out of the gutter, we’re simply referring to our asses. Geez! As well as that, we review Star Wars: Outer Rim and LOTR: Journeys In Middle Earth and feature a fantastic interview with Malorie & Ryan Laukat of Red Raven Games! Then in The Meeple of Madness Music Minute we steer you towards some sweet tunes to shake your own booty to by Alice Merton and Nick Thorburn! Sound like too much awesomeness for one episode? Well it is, that’s why we’re charging double. You’re welcome:)

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Episode 31 – Board Under A Bad Sign

You know, when life gives you lemons? Then life just squeezes those suckers right into your open eyeball? You know that feeling listener? Well we’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it… for… much longer. We’re fired up about our first world problems in this, the 31st episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! We vent and then get on to an episode full of nothing but hot takes and even hotter game reviews! We’ll give ya the skinny on such scintillating titles as: Call To Adventure, Root, Calimala, 7 Wonders Duel, Koi and (I’m not kidding) many more! So join us in telling life to shove its caustic citrus fruits in its own sensitive orifices and enjoy this lively episode!

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Episode 30 – Live N’ Hawt

So like every great band that gets old enough to have a live album we refuse to use our real age. Despite calling this the 29th episode multiple times, it is in fact dear listener, the 30th & first live episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! Now light a candle and put on your hi-fi headphones to enjoy the panoramic sounds of board gaming media’s number one shills as we promote Moon City Con 2019! We cover a ton of great games and offer amazing deals so be awesome like Frampton Comes Alive and not super lame like any live KISS album and download or stream this now before the inferior bootlegs pervade the scene!




Episode 29 – B-Day Invasion

***BREAKING NEWS!!*** We have received word from the front that B-Day has begun. Details are scarce but from what we’ve been hearing our Birthday Boy is taking it on the chin. We believed that he had a good plan of attack and was going to take the enemy by surprise but the enemy has fought back fiercely with a bad attitude and it’s really throwing the Birthday Boy off balance. We’ll return every hour on the hour to update this situation. Good luck Birthday Boy and Godspeed.

Hola faithful listners! We’re back again to talk board games, board games & you guessed it… Bird watching. We’ll tell you all about such gems as Kami Sama, Auztralia, Tokyo Highway, Euphoria, Concordia & last but not least, The Blue Footed Booby!

So sit back grab your opera glasses and a cup of herbal tea and be prepared to spit it all over yourself with this episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!

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