Episode 29 – B-Day Invasion

***BREAKING NEWS!!*** We have received word from the front that B-Day has begun. Details are scarce but from what we’ve been hearing our Birthday Boy is taking it on the chin. We believed that he had a good plan of attack and was going to take the enemy by surprise but the enemy has fought back fiercely with a bad attitude and it’s really throwing the Birthday Boy off balance. We’ll return every hour on the hour to update this situation. Good luck Birthday Boy and Godspeed.

Hola faithful listners! We’re back again to talk board games, board games & you guessed it… Bird watching. We’ll tell you all about such gems as Kami Sama, Auztralia, Tokyo Highway, Euphoria, Concordia & last but not least, The Blue Footed Booby!

So sit back grab your opera glasses and a cup of herbal tea and be prepared to spit it all over yourself with this episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!

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Episode 28 – Dungeons & Drag Queens: The Ballad Of Bento & Ree

The honorific of epic is bestowed somewhat freely these days but never has it been more well deserved than for Episode 28 of your prodigal son of podcasts, The NSFWP Podcast! Not only do we talk in-depth about four of the best heavy euro games we have played in quite awhile, Wendake, Brass: Birmingham, Trickerion & Newton, we also have a featured segment about the journey of game design! BE FOREWARNED: Don’t skip out before IRL where the epic tag is truly earned as we spin a fable the likes of which would make Asop blush! So tell your phone to stop warning you about hearing damage and crank this sucker up!

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Episode 27 – Zombies & Vampires & Aliens Oh My!

Hello all you Jack and Jacqueline O’Lantern’s out there! Who knew so many pumpkins were Irish? I digress, the aforementioned greeting was intended to welcome you to this, the 27th episode of the world famously scary Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! In this Halloweeny and… Don’t think of it as short, think of it as fun-sized like Peter Dinklage, episode; we are excited to have returning haunters Stephen Spang and Jamey Stegmaier as well as Theo the Geeky Gaymer Guy chilling and thrilling with us! We’ll talk about our favorite spoopy games and try not to bore you to deeeaaaathh (insert ghosty sound effects) Okay I’ll leave the terrib–wonderful joke telling to Steve! Meet ya in the graveyard, I’ll bring the whiskey so we’ll be sure to interact with at least some spirits!

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Episode 26 – You Sneezed On My Point Salad!

So the time comes again for another episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast but alas, it’s not there… you wait another few days… no dice. Well the lazy MF’rs here at NSFWP central have finally gotten into gear and produced another dazzlingly informative and entertaining episode for you. Even more chalked full of vitamins and minerals than usual to make up for the delay! We talk $#!+ about such fabulous games as: Scarabya, My Little Scythe, Tesla Vs Edison Duel, Petrichor and many more! We even bring you a Kickstarter preview of a fantastic new worker placement game, Scoffton as well as our long awaited Western Legends review! So tune in, turn on and drop trow because we got a load of board game goodness coming your way, weather you like it or not!



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Episode 25 – I’m Leaving The Room

Hi and welcome back to our masterclass series: Teaching Board Games For Masochists! We’ve all been in this situation right? You’re teaching a game to a group of humans and one of the creatures chimes in with a categorically false conjecture. You then gently, oh so gently, but firmly like the caress of an orangutan, tell them to stay out of it. Teaching this game is your job after all, you began speaking first! How dare they? Then what happens, they get upset right? If by upset you mean they attempt to burrow into your very soul with eyes so hot you feel as if you are staring into the brimstone coals of Satan’s very testicles? Then yes, they get upset.  Would you like to know how to handle this in a way that doesn’t result in a silent four hour car ride home? Well call the toll free number on your screen now and for just ten easy payments of $79.99 I’ll send you my sure fire system on 12 audio cassettes and you’ll be off that couch and sleeping in your own bed again in no time or your money back! (no refunds, exchanges, or liability outside the Democratic Republic of Congo)

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Episode 24 – Tim Tam Tastic!

G’day mates! And might I add that I am really getting a kick out of that hat your wearing! In this fantastic & gargantuan sized installment of the (Now legitimately) world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast we open some correspondence from board gaming’s most strategically turtley continent Australia! Oh, what wonders will spill forth from this cardboard treasure trove? Hint: They’re Australia’s #1 export and responsible for 97.3% of the country’s GDP. After gorging ourselves we get around to talking about so many games it will blow the shrimp right off your barbie! (Or the prawns, if you’re in the know) We talk Founders Of Gloomhaven plus an extensive and tense review of Rising Sun and literally everything in between. So hug the closest Koala bear at hand (but wear gloves, those things are riddled with Chlamydia) and get ready for us to bring the thunder from down under! Well, Maurice takes care of that, as usual…


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Episode 23 – Near Sighted & Far Flung

Ask yourself a question dear listener, Near OR Far? Harder than it seems right? We here at the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement feel the torment of your inner conflict. What if we were to tell you that it’s now possible for you to have both? What, have your cake AND throw it in your mother-in-laws face? With the help of this fantastic new board game Near and Far all this is not only possible but down right plausible! In this episode we will take you on a journey inside the world that designer Ryan Laukat has created and give you a peek at the wonders waiting to be discovered! But wait, there’s more! We also discuss a brutally competitive new deck building arena combat game, Carthage! Can you survive Rome’s bloodiest spectacle armed only with a Heavy Scotum? It’s a question we must all ask ourselves sooner or later… In the @meepleofmadness Music Minute we turn you onto Casablanca, a fantastic stoner/eighties hair metal band that you will not be able to deny! All these depths and more are yours to explore in this the 23rd episode of the NSFWP Podcast! Gather your gems and cinch your sack, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Episode 22 – Err Of The Dog

Well listeners, the hazy afterglow of our celebratory episode 21 has faded and given way to the mother of all content hangovers. We tried to valiantly fight through the pain and dull the effects with coffee and forced smiles but in the end we did what all hard-core, truth accepting podcasts must do  when faced with non-productivity… We got drunk and recorded a new episode! Don’t worry you probably won’t even notice, it’s not like we have a track record of flawlessly professional recordings to compare it to. In this episode we giveaway a copy of Scythe from Stonemaier Games as well as talk extensively of all the games we’ve been playing including: Royals, Bunny Kingdom, Inbetween, Cold Water Crown, Yamatai & many more! Plus Ben regales you with tales of Geekway To The West 2018 and in our Meepleofmadness Music Minute we feature great tunes by Nick Waterhouse & Chicano Batman! Finally in IRL, Leeandra talks about her latest adventures in China & Ben sets the bar of good parenting surprisingly low! All that & more is poised to sail straight into your auditory canals, so sit back, take two aspirin & a cocktail and call me in the morning!

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Episode 21- Scythe Scythe Baby

The time is nigh once again dear alternate history agrarian, village dwelling listener! Put on your steam powered headphones and work tirelessly for your gov’t to the sounds of episode 21 of Europa’s #1 podcast (Take that Mark Maron) the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!  Keep your wits about you though and don’t be underfoot when that giant black mech stomps through your wheat field, you know close behind is the big smelly guy with the pointy hat, oh and the giant wolf! Your definitely starting to regret planting this close to the factory! In this episode we rock a Scythe like a vandal and interview the co-founder of Stonemaier Games, Jamey Stegmaier! We talk about his design influences, his thoughts on Kickstarter and get the inside scoop on what’s next for Stonemair! We also dive deep into his biggest game, Scythe with a Beginners guide to playing it and tie that all together with a giveaway contest for a brand new copy of the game! Also there’s a new 4M music segment and we ramble in IRL…Whew that’s a lot. But you’ve got all day to listen while you toil in this field so lay down and boogie and play that 4X board game til ya die!

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Episode 20 – You Can Can A Tuna But You Can’t Tune a Con

Quick listener, roll a dexterity check! Oh, a 6 you say? Well let’s just say you get smacked up side your head by a big ‘ol sack of The Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! You shouldn’t have multi-classed as a Sorcerer, everyone knows they are chumps. Oh well, take that sucking head wound as a lesson and cheer up buckaroo because we have got quite the show for you! This episode we talk our recent D&D adventure, what other games we’ve been playing, bring you an all new music segment and give an extensive recap of Moon City Con 2018! The anecdotes are flowing like the crimson blood over your face as we thank everyone who came out and made the convention as excellent as a well placed melee attack to the cranium! Health Potion? Drink em if you got em and sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of episode 20. Don’t you dare fall asleep though, you most likely have a severe concussion.

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