Episode 15 – Board Game Blindness

Once again around The Sun my friends! Or to my Flat Earther friends, once more the sheeple have been fooled by the Illuminati Lizard People into believing in  their flimsy science. I feel ya. Anywhoosle… 2017 was a lot of things, most of them orange and most of them terrible but in one thing we can all agree,  the green M&Ms taste better than the other colors. Oh, and that  board games pretty much killed it last year, that too.

In our premier episode of 2018 we discuss the myriad of great games we played over the holidays including a double dip of Stonemaier Games, Charterstone  & Scythe. As well as Rajas Of The Ganges Fog of Love and many more! Leeandra gets officially diagnosed with a rare condition and in IRL we ponder an upcoming move and Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

So don’t be like the rest of the drones, mindlessly cowing to the military industrial complex. Be an individual and listen to episode 15 of The Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast because who else will tell you when the secret government agents will be showing up?


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