Episode 21- Scythe Scythe Baby

The time is nigh once again dear alternate history agrarian, village dwelling listener! Put on your steam powered headphones and work tirelessly for your gov’t to the sounds of episode 21 of Europa’s #1 podcast (Take that Mark Maron) the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!  Keep your wits about you though and don’t be underfoot when that giant black mech stomps through your wheat field, you know close behind is the big smelly guy with the pointy hat, oh and the giant wolf! Your definitely starting to regret planting this close to the factory! In this episode we rock a Scythe like a vandal and interview the co-founder of Stonemaier Games, Jamey Stegmaier! We talk about his design influences, his thoughts on Kickstarter and get the inside scoop on what’s next for Stonemair! We also dive deep into his biggest game, Scythe with a Beginners guide to playing it and tie that all together with a giveaway contest for a brand new copy of the game! Also there’s a new 4M music segment and we ramble in IRL…Whew that’s a lot. But you’ve got all day to listen while you toil in this field so lay down and boogie and play that 4X board game til ya die!

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Episode 11 – Suitably Sweet

Hello Boss, It’s me The Not S̶a̶f̶e̶ … uh…Suitable For Worker Placement Podcast. I’m calling to let you know that I could and probably should stay home do to illness and also to inform you that I will report for duty at my scheduled time. Although I am gravely sick, I hate the idea of leaving you in the lurch, so I’ll be there! Why am I calling to tell you this? Is it because I want to solidify myself as a really dedicated worker? Is it just to ease you fears since others have called in frequently lately? Well I’ll tell you why it isn’t. It isn’t because I plan on going to a raging kegger next Friday and am absolutely sure I won’t be working on Saturday, that much you can be sure of!

And so it goes listeners in this the 11th Episode! We fight through sniffles, sneezes and the occasional hacking coughing fit (mostly edited out, I think) to bring you a fantastic double sized episode! We’ve always lived by the motto that it’s about quantity not quality, always leave em wanting less, that’s what we always say! We talk games we’ve played including Magic Maze and Viticulture and have a fantastic interview with Jerry Hawthorne, the creator behind Mice & Mystics and Stuffed Fables. He gives us some candid behind the scenes info on the making and inspiration of these two fantastic family games. Then in our feature we give some recommendations of games to play with your family, from little kiddos on up to your surly Uncle! So start coughing in front of your boss right now and set yourself up for a relaxing day off tomorrow to devote your full attention to this stupendous 11th episode of The Not S̶a̶f̶e̶ Suitable For Worker Placement Podcast!


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