Episode 33 – The Wrath Of Con

Dear listener, another con season is upon us and to prepare you for the turbulent waters of social interaction we bring you one nerds harrowing journey to the Mid-West’s Mecca of board gaming madness, Geekway To The West! In this episode our very own inept, uh excuse me, intrepid correspondent gives you the skinny on what makes a great convention like this possible. Getting the goods straight from the horse’s mouth and sharing his daily journal of gaming goodness with you. All that as well as a featured review of Stonemaier Games’ long awaited Euphoria expansion, Ignorance Is Bliss! But wait, there’s more! More what you ask? More music throughout to help you fill out that convention carpool playlist so you can stop driving your friends crazy with Burt Bacharach’s Greatest Hits! (*No Burt Bacharachs were harmed in the making of this episode*)

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