Episode 8 – Meeple On Fire

Tonight on a very special episode of the NSFWP Podcast… A family member goes up in flames, literally. That threw a proverbial monkey wrench into our recording schedule so we’re a week over due but like my high school girlfriend said about her period, better late than never. We promise great discussion about a plethora of games such as our late to the party first play of Carcassonne, we deliver the goods on Papa Paulo then try to maintain sanity while talking Lovecraft Letter! I carefully edited out an argument that threatened not only the future of the podcast but this writers spot in his own bed! We kiss and make up in our feature segment: Ideal Gaming Situations. Who with, where at and how wild do you like to get whilst getting your game on? In IRL we mull over the topic of parenting your parents and the value of learning what not to do. All this and an earth shattering sonic blast of a belch that you’ll never see coming but you’ll likewise never be able to unhear in this, the eighth and greath episode of the Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!


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Episode 7 – Board Game Burlesque

Hey psst! C’mere. Yeah you, ya interested in a little hot pod? Don’t get creeped out I keep it here under my trench coat for safe keeping. Ugh… Uh… Let me… Just… Reach… In here… Ah! There she is, isn’t she a beaut?! And in this way, by doing everything you shouldn’t you have found the 7th episode of the Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! We’re glad you didn’t listen to your parents! In this installment we take our side show to The Lou and see what kind of shenanigans we can get up to! We play games, games and more games and visit a premiere gaming cafe to boot. We have tales of betrayal, tales of triumph and tales of… napping. In our feature we discuss our favorite party games and then in IRL we spin a yarn of bar hopping, whipped cream topping, credit card dropping madness! More stuff than you can shake a tassel at! So come one, come all and partake in the fun with us but whatever you do… Don’t forget the f***ing hashbrowns!


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Episode 6 – I’ll Tell You What Set Collection Is!!

In this the sixth installment of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast, your hosts bicker endlessly about the most trivial of topics. Sound boring? Well let’s just say either your ability to determine if something is good or not by a couple sentences is off… Or my ability to write a compelling intro is off. I know where I stand. Do you? Well, do you? This power packed episode is crammed full of strong opinions on games. Games like Caverna: Cave Vs. Cave and La Granja. As well as even stronger and more indignant stances on our favorite game mechanics, what is set collection anyway? We. Get. Into. It. In IRL we talk up our upcoming trip to ol’ St. Louis and give a fantastic book recommendation. Like, zoinks man! Deuces are truly wild in this fantastic episode, now do your part and sit back with a tall glass of, I don’t know what you drink… milk? Anyway take a sip, wipe off that stache and enjoy!


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Episode 5 – Vintage Theme

Hello and good morrow my young Lasses and Lads! Riding down upon you on a frightful steed is Episode 5! Chalked full of controversial comments, accusations and silliness aplenty! In this installment our intrepid heroes review Dead Man’s Draw, Honshu, Vinhos and Lisboa! Then in the feature segment they go over their favorite game themes. Ben continues to use the 18th century to mean literally ANY time in the past and Leeandra continues to accuse him of intentionally screwing her over in games! There is important social commentary, vulgarity and singing! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (mostly at the singing), you’ll even get closure on Boob Sweat Gate. It’s a tour de force and it’s all waiting impatiently to enter your ear holes!


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Episode 4 – Co-Oped My Heart

Whats up faithful listeners?! Gather your closest compadres and prepare to tackle what we have in store for you in episode 4. First up we talk about what we’ve been playing lately including: San Juan and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft. Then in our feature segment we discuss Co-Op games! Some we like some we don’t and some Lee doesn’t remember. We also have a very important PSA, an all new syndicated news break and in IRL we break down the scandal everyone is talking about, Boob Sweat Gate! All that and more so get to listening but… Don’t go it alone.


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Episode 3 – Ethno-You-Didn’t

Hola amigos! Once again we return this time bearing episode three, in which we discuss such fine games as Kanagawa (Pronouced con~uh~gow~uh) and the rage inducing Ethnos! Then in our feature segment, we talk Social deduction games and Lee tries to deduce exactly how it is that she doesn’t remember playing these games! We tangent into a bold and unique opinion of f**k Hitler and kinda let MJ off the hook. Finally in IRL we cover our recent drunken hiking trip! All that and more awaits so come join us!



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Episode 2 – Two’s Company

Howdy all! Episode two is here and we continue to stumble through show prep and the English language! I promise all this work I’ve been doing with Rosetta Stone will kick in soon. In this installment we talk recent plays of Dice Forge and Century: Spice Road and delve deep into our favorite two player only games. We quickly find out that Lee’s bad memory for games hasn’t improved since episode one but it’s kinda fun to hear the moment when realization that she actually has played all these titles Plinko’s its way into her brain! In IRL we speak on the dangers of fireworks and workout motivations. So go ahead and download it already!

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Episode 1- Getting To Know Us

  Hello Y’all! In this, our first episode, we explode off the podcasting launchpad with scintillating talk about what we’ve been playing lately (Hint: Mansions Of Madness 2nd edition). Turns out we both say lo and behold way too much and we get into some of our all time favorite games in order to let you know our likes and dislikes (Boy does Leeandra dislike Courtier). Finally in our IRL segment we hip you to what we’ve been doing in life outside of board gaming. Join us and try not to laugh at our foibles… I dare ya. -Ben

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