Episode 26 – You Sneezed On My Point Salad!

So the time comes again for another episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast but alas, it’s not there… you wait another few days… no dice. Well the lazy MF’rs here at NSFWP central have finally gotten into gear and produced another dazzlingly informative and entertaining episode for you. Even more chalked full of vitamins and minerals than usual to make up for the delay! We talk $#!+ about such fabulous games as: Scarabya, My Little Scythe, Tesla Vs Edison Duel, Petrichor and many more! We even bring you a Kickstarter preview of a fantastic new worker placement game, Scoffton as well as our long awaited Western Legends review! So tune in, turn on and drop trow because we got a load of board game goodness coming your way, weather you like it or not!



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One thought on “Episode 26 – You Sneezed On My Point Salad!”

  1. I love Western Legends. Thanks to your recommendation on an earlier episode, I backed it. I’ve played it multiple times now and it’s a lot of fun. I did want to point out that it plays up to SIX players, not FIVE as you said in this podcast. I’ve played several games at 6. That’s too many. I feel like 4 might be the magic number.

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