Episode 22 – Err Of The Dog

Well listeners, the hazy afterglow of our celebratory episode 21 has faded and given way to the mother of all content hangovers. We tried to valiantly fight through the pain and dull the effects with coffee and forced smiles but in the end we did what all hard-core, truth accepting podcasts must do¬† when faced with non-productivity… We got drunk and recorded a new episode! Don’t worry you probably won’t even notice, it’s not like we have a track record of flawlessly professional recordings to compare it to. In this episode we giveaway a copy of Scythe from Stonemaier Games as well as talk extensively of all the games we’ve been playing including: Royals, Bunny Kingdom, Inbetween, Cold Water Crown, Yamatai & many more! Plus Ben regales you with tales of Geekway To The West 2018 and in our Meepleofmadness Music Minute we feature great tunes by Nick Waterhouse & Chicano Batman! Finally in IRL, Leeandra talks about her latest adventures in China & Ben sets the bar of good parenting surprisingly low! All that & more is poised to sail straight into your auditory canals, so sit back, take two aspirin & a cocktail and call me in the morning!

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