Episode 10 – Rap Downers Delight

What’s up you dirty mothafathas! Alright, stop collaborate and listen Episode 10 is back with a brand new invention! We freestyle rap with the best of intentions. Will the real Leeandra please stand up and explain why she believes Japanese Geisha’s were mere pin ups? If history is any kind of teacher, it’s a clear cut case of C.R.E.A.M. in our main feature. Cards rule everything around me , it’s always sunny, walla walla bing bong!

**************RECORD SCRATCH***************

Whew, well if that made no sense to you then congratulations your not having a psychotic break. This is a small taste of the nonsensical ramblings that are laid down over treble heavy beats in this wild episode where¬† we embrace our inner Kanye and go completely insane. Hip hop will never be the same… sorry. We also talk games such as Hanamikoji, Sagrada and the impressive Bob Ross: The Art Of Chill! Who knew that a guy who was human ambien in life could be the inspiration for an exciting board game post-mortem? Us, that’s who! So tighten up your flow and get your mind right, it’s time for the Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast to serve some fools!


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3 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Rap Downers Delight”

    1. Well Rodney, we did feel a little foolish afterwards seeing as how if it had been say Clash Of Cultures we were talking about I would have been all, “…and you’ve got your hex land pieces that…blah, blah, blah…” but ya know, we never claimed to be intelligent. Only very good looking. What can I say we’re D&D people we see the world in 1″ squares, It’s our cross to bear. Thanks for continuing to support us and I hope you get a kick in the future by our continued ignorance:-)

      1. lol! No worries. Used to play D&D back in the day. Got into micro games after that and most of those had little hex maps. Good times. Still have a couple of them in my collection!

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