Episode 8 – Meeple On Fire

Tonight on a very special episode of the NSFWP Podcast… A family member goes up in flames, literally. That threw a proverbial monkey wrench into our recording schedule so we’re a week over due but like my high school girlfriend said about her period, better late than never. We promise great discussion about a plethora of games such as our late to the party first play of Carcassonne, we deliver the goods on Papa Paulo then try to maintain sanity while talking Lovecraft Letter! I carefully edited out an argument that threatened not only the future of the podcast but this writers spot in his own bed! We kiss and make up in our feature segment: Ideal Gaming Situations. Who with, where at and how wild do you like to get whilst getting your game on? In IRL we mull over the topic of parenting your parents and the value of learning what not to do. All this and an earth shattering sonic blast of a belch that you’ll never see coming but you’ll likewise never be able to unhear in this, the eighth and greath episode of the Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!


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One thought on “Episode 8 – Meeple On Fire”

  1. Thanks for another episode. Sorry to hear about your dad. I love playing Carcassonne on the iPhone or the iPad. I can’t remember which phone you have (after you talked about it during the Boobgate scandal!) so if it’s not an iPhone, there is a Carcassonne app for Android but it’s done by a different company so I can’t vouch for the quality. The iOS version has multiple expansions available, too.

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