Episode 5 – Vintage Theme

Hello and good morrow my young Lasses and Lads! Riding down upon you on a frightful steed is Episode 5! Chalked full of controversial comments, accusations and silliness aplenty! In this installment our intrepid heroes review Dead Man’s Draw, Honshu, Vinhos and Lisboa! Then in the feature segment they go over their favorite game themes. Ben continues to use the 18th century to mean literally ANY time in the past and Leeandra continues to accuse him of intentionally screwing her over in games! There is important social commentary, vulgarity and singing! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (mostly at the singing), you’ll even get closure on Boob Sweat Gate. It’s a tour de force and it’s all waiting impatiently to enter your ear holes!


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9 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Vintage Theme”

  1. A few comments now that I’m about halfway through the episode…I’ve played Dead Man’s Draw both as a physical game and an app. Fun game. I REALLY like Port Royal (which I own the physical copy and play online at Yucata) which has a push-your-luck mechanic as well. Also, what is your guild # on BGG?

    1. Never tried Port Royal, that’s one I might need to pick up! Our BGG guild is #2991 I put a link directly under the episode post so its easier to find. Come on over and join!

  2. Ok, I finished another great episode. Leeann, I am glad your phone is okay! 😉 Also, since you like gothic horror, have you played A Touch of Evil or Dark Gothic?

    1. Hey Rodney glad you enjoyed the episode! Leeandra says thanks and yes we have attempted to play A Touch Of Evil and I still have it but we started it really late one night and didn’t get through it. I think she will love it if we can get a full game in.

      1. I really like Dark Gothic. It’s a simple deck builder that is based on the same theme as A Touch of Evil. If you get it, I would suggest the Colonial Horror expansion as well.

        1. Well Vaughn, if that is your real name! I own A Touch Of Evil, it’s just that you got my innocent wife too drunk one night so we never finished a game of it!

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