Episode 3 – Ethno-You-Didn’t

Hola amigos! Once again we return this time bearing episode three, in which we discuss such fine games as Kanagawa (Pronouced con~uh~gow~uh) and the rage inducing Ethnos! Then in our feature segment, we talk Social deduction games and Lee tries to deduce exactly how it is that she doesn’t remember playing these games! We tangent into a bold and unique opinion of f**k Hitler and kinda let MJ off the hook. Finally in IRL we cover our recent drunken hiking trip! All that and more awaits so come join us!



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2 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Ethno-You-Didn’t”

  1. Hi Ben. Just a thought on your Lovecraft rant, After the first part slamming Hitler and Lovecraft as horrible racist xenophobes (true!) you then start mentioning famous people (oj, Cosby, mj, all of whom are black) that were found innocent “even though we know they were guilty.” I don’t think you have a prejudice regarding race but I can see how a person might wonder based on that section. Just mentioning it, keep up the good work.

    1. Hello listener, thanks for doing what your name implies! First of all thanks for your feedback and for pointing this out, because if you noticed it then others may have made this connection. The intention was to discuss separating Art from the Artist and the examples I choose (excluding Lovecraft who was the impetus of the rant), especially Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby, I choose because they were people that I absolutely idolized and they let me down. The fact that they are African American never crossed my mind in this instance. In same segment I gave the example of Will Smith as a person from that era that I still look up to, again the fact that he is African American wasn’t considered. So thanks and not racist:)

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