Episode 23 – Near Sighted & Far Flung

Ask yourself a question dear listener, Near OR Far? Harder than it seems right? We here at the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement feel the torment of your inner conflict. What if we were to tell you that it’s now possible for you to have both? What, have your cake AND throw it in your mother-in-laws face? With the help of this fantastic new board game Near and Far all this is not only possible but down right plausible! In this episode we will take you on a journey inside the world that designer Ryan Laukat has created and give you a peek at the wonders waiting to be discovered! But wait, there’s more! We also discuss a brutally competitive new deck building arena combat game, Carthage! Can you survive Rome’s bloodiest spectacle armed only with a Heavy Scotum? It’s a question we must all ask ourselves sooner or later… In the @meepleofmadness Music Minute we turn you onto Casablanca, a fantastic stoner/eighties hair metal band that you will not be able to deny! All these depths and more are yours to explore in this the 23rd episode of the NSFWP Podcast! Gather your gems and cinch your sack, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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Episode 1- Getting To Know Us

  Hello Y’all! In this, our first episode, we explode off the podcasting launchpad with scintillating talk about what we’ve been playing lately (Hint: Mansions Of Madness 2nd edition). Turns out we both say lo and behold way too much and we get into some of our all time favorite games in order to let you know our likes and dislikes (Boy does Leeandra dislike Courtier). Finally in our IRL segment we hip you to what we’ve been doing in life outside of board gaming. Join us and try not to laugh at our foibles… I dare ya. -Ben

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