Episode 29 – B-Day Invasion

***BREAKING NEWS!!*** We have received word from the front that B-Day has begun. Details are scarce but from what we’ve been hearing our Birthday Boy is taking it on the chin. We believed that he had a good plan of attack and was going to take the enemy by surprise but the enemy has fought back fiercely with a bad attitude and it’s really throwing the Birthday Boy off balance. We’ll return every hour on the hour to update this situation. Good luck Birthday Boy and Godspeed.

Hola faithful listners! We’re back again to talk board games, board games & you guessed it… Bird watching. We’ll tell you all about such gems as Kami Sama, Auztralia, Tokyo Highway, Euphoria, Concordia & last but not least, The Blue Footed Booby!

So sit back grab your opera glasses and a cup of herbal tea and be prepared to spit it all over yourself with this episode of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast!

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Schedule Update!

Hello fine friends, just a little note to let you know we are transitioning to a twice a month release schedule, which will free us up to actually play more games and be more prepared to give you a great show each episode. We had decided to do this pretty early on as soon as we had built up a bit of a back catalog so that new listeners would have plenty to chew on while we make more episodes. So drop in every two weeks for a rip roarin’, routin’, tootin’ car crash of board game goodness! We’ll see ya next episode!

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