Episode 18 – Meet The Fakirs

It’s that time again doggedly faithful listener, that’s right, half past a Wallace’s Brass a quarter till Cathala. In this, the 18th episode of The Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast we get steamy with two Martin Wallace train classics, play the fantastic Five Tribes and discuss our recently completed Charterstone campaign! We also decide to never use the words Man Cave again instead christening the Non Binary Gender Fluid Cave just in time to move out and not be at all in charge of what people call it. We know how to make the most of our time and yours. There’s more improvised musical ads and more general jackassery so don’t miss a minute, because in the immortal words of Steve Miller; Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin. Into the kitchen… Or something like that. I’m not good with lyrics. Ciao!


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