Episode 19 – Lizards & Liches & Ball Gags, Oh My!

Hello adventurous listeners! It’s time once again to embark upon an epic quest otherwise known as episode 19 of the world famous Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast! This episode we’re talking about role playing, no not the kind you found out your aunt and uncle were into. “Hey Auntie, I was looking for a sweater in your closet and wow, I had no idea you were so into cosplay, that’s really cool!” Auntie,”Uh… What’s cosplay?” No, we’re talking about Role Playing Games! DnD and beyond! Join us as we bring you an actual play DnD 5th edition segment that is fully (some might say overly) produced. And get a glimpse at how Leeandra and I got into this hobby in the first place. They say one is the loneliest number but I’m here to tell you two can be as bad as one when the the two are us and you add funny shaped dice! Join us for this grand adventure!


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