Episode 4 – Co-Oped My Heart

Whats up faithful listeners?! Gather your closest compadres and prepare to tackle what we have in store for you in episode 4. First up we talk about what we’ve been playing lately including: San Juan and Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft. Then in our feature segment we discuss Co-Op games! Some we like some we don’t and some Lee doesn’t remember. We also have a very important PSA, an all new syndicated news break and in IRL we break down the scandal everyone is talking about, Boob Sweat Gate! All that and more so get to listening but… Don’t go it alone.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Co-Oped My Heart”

  1. Just finished number 4. Still waiting for these to show up in iTunes so I don’t have to go through the multi-step process to get them on my phone! Great show as always. I used to own Eldritch Horror and after losing every single time I played (probably 6 times at various player counts), I gave up and sold it. One of us is doing something wrong! I didn’t think the PSA’s were funny. :/ IRL is good because it personalizes your podcast (sorry about your phone Leeandra!). But you really need to come up with an actual jingle! Looking forward to the next episode. Speaking of which, you might want to start planning ahead so we know what’s coming next and can more eagerly anticipate it! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Rodney, thanks for listening! Happy to say we are on iTunes now you just have to search “Not Safe For Worker Placement Podcast”, NSFWP didn’t stick for some reason. It’s quite possible that we cheat at Eldritch Horror. Sorry the skits didn’t land for ya we’ll be trying different things and see what sticks. IRL does need a jingle and I’ll be getting to that shortly! Lee’s phone has cleared up BTW! As far as previewing the next episode, its a great idea, we’re just flying by the seat of our pants but I have thought that would be a good idea myself. Keep listening and hopefully we’ll keep getting better!

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